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 श्री अन्तरिक्ष पार्श्वनाथ , महाराष्ट्र

Tirthkshetra's Name:
Shri Antraiksha Parshvanath Digamber Jain Sansthan,Antraiksha Parshvanath
तीर्थ क्षेत्र का नाम:
श्री अंतरिक्ष पार्श्वनाथ दिगम्बर जैन संस्थान ,अंतरिक्ष पार्श्वनाथ
Tirthkshetra's Address:
Shri Antraiksha Parshvanath Digamber Jain Sansthan,Antraiksha Parshvanath
Post –Shirpur, Tehsil –Malegaon, District – Wasim (Maharashtra) Pin code: 444504
तीर्थ क्षेत्र का पता :
श्री अंतरिक्ष पार्श्वनाथ दिगम्बर जैन संस्थान ,अंतरिक्ष पार्श्वनाथ
पोस्ट –शिरपुर , तहसील –मालेगांव , जिला – वासिम (महाराष्ट्र ) पिन कोड : ४४४५०४
Telephone No.
फ़ोन नंबर :
०७२५४ -२३४००६
Facilities in Tirthkshetra
Room(Attach Bathroom):10 Room(Seprate Bathroom): 50
Hall :03(Capacity-300) Guest House: 00
Total Capacity: 1000 Canteen/Restaurant : Yes
Dispensary : No  LIbrary: Yes

School : No


Other :

क्षेत्र पर उपलब्ध सुबिधाए :
कमरा (स्नानघर संलग्): १०
कमरा (अलग स्नानघर): ०५
हॉल :०३(यात्री क्षमता-३०० )
अतिथि गृह : ००
कुल यात्री क्षमता : १००० भोजनालय : है सशुल्क 
औषधालय : नहीं है पुस्तकालय : है

विद्यालय : नहीं है

एसटीडी पीसीओ : है
Transportation in Tirthkshetra:
Railway Station : Wasim-30km. ,Akola-60km.
Bus stand –Distance of 500 feet from the jain temple.
Easiest Way: Road Way : By rail or Bus.
आवागमन के साधन:
रेलवे स्टेशन : वासिम-३०कि.मी. , अकोला -६०कि.मी.
बस स्टैंड : ५०० फीट दुरी पर मंदिर जी से
पहुचने का सरलतम मार्ग : सड़क व रेल मार्ग
Managing Committee :

Trust- Shri Antraiksha Parshvanath Digamber Jain Sansthan,Shirpur Jain
President- Shri Raajhabhau chavre,akola(0724-2438904)
Minister- Shri Chandra shekhar,wasim (07252-232219)
Manager- Shri Shubhash Chandra Tukaraam (07254-234038)

प्रबंध समिति :

ट्रस्ट : श्री अंतरिक्ष पार्श्वनाथ दिगम्बर जैन संस्थान, शिरपुर जैन
अध्यक्ष: श्री राजा भाऊ चावरे ,अकोला (०७२४ -२४३८९०४ )
मंत्री :   श्री चन्द्र शेखर ,वासिम (०७२५२ -२३२२१९ )
प्रबन्धक :
श्री सुभाष चन्द्र तुकाराम (०७२५४ -२३४०३८ )

About Kshetra :

No. Of Temple In Tirthkshetra : 04
Hill in tirth kshetra   : No
 At present there are four Jain temples in the village Shirpur,  the Atishay kshatra Shri Antariksh Parshvanath Basti Mandir, the Pavali Digamoari Mandir, the Parshvanath Shvetambar Mandir and the Chintamani Parshvanath Digambari Mandir. 
   The temple of Shri Antariksha Parshvanath which is also known as the Basti Mandir being in the middle of the Shirpur village. This temple is said to have been rebuild about 250 years ago. The lnam Record about this temple which was registered in 1867 corroborates the above mentioned fact. The temple is believed to have been rebuilt by Onkaniasji Shravaji of Knarngaon.

History:   The story told about this temple is that two Jain demons ailed Khara and Dushana made the image of cowdung and sand and used to worship it. They hid it in a pit beside a river on the side of a hill near Werul (Ellora) a village near Aurangabad in the then Nizam's Dominions. Long afterwards Ila or Ilaka Raja of Ellichpur happened 
to pass by the spot and to see a little pool of water, no larger than might be contained in a cow's hoof-mark. He suffered terribly from white leprosy, but on applying this water to his body was immediately cured. He was a Jain, and every night his queen had been accustomed to take the germs of the disease from his body and, not being allowed to kill them, put them in a tin ease till the morning, when they were replaced. She now asked how he had been cured, and went with him to the spot, where she prayed to the unseen god to manifest himself. That night the image appeared to her in a dream and directed that it should be dug up and conveyed in a cart to Ellichpur but it warned her that the king, who was to drive the cart himself must on no account look back. In fact he looked back near Shirpur and the image remained suspended in the air. The king built over it the temple of Pavali- a Hemadpanti building having neither 
arch nor mortar. Presently the god expressed disapproval of this and directed that another temple should be built at the cost of a panch, and the present temple was built accordingly.

he principal object of worship, the idol of Antariksha Parshvanaith appears to be made of black stone of the local variety. The idol appears to be a fine specimen of sculpture and is about three and a half feet high. It is in a typical meditative posture which is known as dhyanastha ardha-padmasana. There is a hood of the cobra on the top of the idol. Jain devotees believe that the idol was in a floating position in the past and has come to rest on ground at only one point subsequently. However, a plausible explanation of its position as it appears to the human eye is that the idol is supported on the base at one point and is balanced in such a way that its entire weight is supported at that point. The principal interest about the same is that except for one point the entire idol is floating, and is hence called antariksha. 

क्षेत्र का महत्व :

क्षेत्र पर मंदिरों की संख्या : ०४
क्षेत्र पर पहाड़ :नहीं है
ऐतिहासिकता : यहाँ ३ प्राचीन व १ नूतन मंदिर है । गाँव के मध्य में जो मंदिर है उसमे श्री १००८ पार्श्वनाथ भगवान् की मूर्ति जमीं से ऊपर अंतरिक्ष में विराजमान है ।इसी में १६ अन्य वेदियाँ भी है । २ हेमाडपंथी मंदिर काले पत्थर से निर्मित बगीचे में विराजमान है ।यहाँ के कुए से जल से स्नान करने से कुष्ठ रोग,चर्म रोग दूर हो जाते है।यहाँ की पुराणी ईंटे पानी में तेरती रहती है ।इस मंदिर के पास नूतन जैन मंदिर बना हुआ है ।

Nearest Tirth & Visit Place :

Navagarh Atishay Kshetra -160 k.m. ,                    Nemgiri– 95 km               
Bhatkuli Jain– 135km                             Muktagiri siddha kshetra-225km

निकटतम तीर्थ क्षेत्र :

नवागढ़ अतिशय क्षेत्र -१६०कि.मी.,             नेमगीरी – ९५ कि.मी.
भातकुली जैन – १३५कि.मी.,                          मुक्तागिरी सिद्ध क्षेत्र -२२५ कि.मी.


Nearest Main City:


निकटतम प्रमुख क्षेत्र :

वासिम-३०कि.मी. ,
अकोला -६०कि.मी.