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कनाडा में स्थित जैन मंदिर Jain Mandir In Canada

Edmonton is one of the western metropolis of Canada. One idol of Bhagwan Mahavir was installed at the temple at 14225-133 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta TSL 4 W3 on March 19, 1989.

Tel : 780-435-9070

एडमॉन्टन कनाडा के पश्चिमी महानगर से एक नगर है। यहाँ पर जैन धर्म में २४ वे तीर्थंकर श्री १००८ भगवान महावीर की एक प्रतिमा १९ मार्च १९८९ पर १४२२५ -१३३ एवेन्यू, एडमॉन्टन, अल्बर्टा टीएसएल ४ डब्ल्यू पर ३ बजे मंदिर में स्थापित की गयी थी |
2) 1st Tirthankar Shri 1008 Aadinath Jain Temple /श्री १००८ आदिनाथ भगवान् का मंदिर :-

History Of Jain Temples In Toronto. In 1974, The Jain Society of Toronto (JSOT) was chartered as a non-profit religious institution by a visionary group of individuals. Their objective was to provide a forum for Jains to observe and perform various activities related to Jainism, to preserve Jain culture for future generations and to promote fellowship among all Jains. A Church was converted to make a Temple and this, in fact, was the first Jain temple of north America. However, Gyan and Kanchan Jain always wanted to have an authentic Shikharbandi Jain temple to be built in Toronto. Having already establised the Shri S.S. Jain foundation, a charitable foundation, in 1992, they assimilated their desires and the foundation started working towards their goal. First Shikharbandhi Temple Of Canada Conceived In Toronto. A land at Mayfield Road, Brampton was acquired in 2001. The conceptual framework and design was started in 2002. Bhoomi Poojan was performed under the Gracious Presence & Holy guidance of His Holiness Swasti Shree Bhattaraka Charukeerthi Panditacharyavarya Swamiji, Matadhipathi, Jainkashi, Jain Math Of Moodbidiri, India on July 19th 2009, in the presence of over 650 attendees. The Excavation permit was approved by the City of Brampton in April 2011. A pre foundation stone laying Shudhi-Pooja was performed by BhattarakaJi on April 24th 2011. The Foundation Laying Ceremony was held on Sunday, May 1st 2011 under the guidance of BhattarakaJi. The Building permit for the site was obtained in mid-May 2011

Address : 48 Rosemeade Avenue Etobicoke .ontarigo M8Y 3A5 Canada
Phone no :416-251-8112 website : http://jsotcanada.org

3.) Jain Centre BC Canada Dig Jain Mandir Unit 208, 14770, 64 Avenue, Surry ,BC

Phone no :604-639-5246 web: http://jaincenterbc.org

4.) Bhagwan 1008 aadinath swamy Jain Temple

Address :7875 Mayfield Road ,Brampton ,ONM843J6
Tel :4164691109

5.) Shri Jain Mandir :

Address :247 Park Lawn Road,Etobicoke ONM843J6
Tel : 416253919