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मुनि श्री १०८ विहर्ष सागर जी महाराज

संक्षिप्त परिचय

जन्म: ०७ मार्च ,१९७०
जन्म  नाम: विनोद कुमार जैन (बंटी भैया )
जन्म स्थान:: बीना म.प्र.
माता का नाम: श्रीमती आशा देवी जैन
पिता का नाम: स्वर्गीय श्री दीपचंद जैन
ऐलक दीक्षा २३ फरवरी १९९६
ऐलक दीक्षा स्थान देवेन्द्र नगर ,पन्ना म.प्र.
ऐलक दीक्षा गुरू: आचार्य श्री विराग सागर जी
मुनि दीक्षा १४ दिसंबर १९९८
मुनि दीक्षा स्थान बारासों जी
मुनि दीक्षा गुरू: आचार्य श्री विराग सागर जी

आचार्य श्री १०८ विराग सागर जी महाराज

Muni Shri 108 Viharsh Sagar Ji Maharaj

A divine soul was born on 7 March 1970 in Veena. Friends and family members used to call him Bunty bhaiya .From an early age, he displayed signs of great compassion and the qualities of a natural leader. Munishri has a sharp intellect . In childhood he was notorious and many such interesting and spellbound tales of his childhood and teenage years are there.
At the very young age of 21, when Bunty bhaiya came in contact of “Saint shree 108 Acharya Shri Viragsagar Ji Maharaj”,his search for truth intensified. He was getting detached from materialistic World which can give nothing except instable happiness ,sorrows and grievances.

Brief Introduction

Birth Date 7 March,1970
Birth Place Beena, MP
Birth Name Vinod kumar Jain(Bunty Bhaiya)
Mother's Name Smt. Asha Devi Jain
Father's Name Late Shri Deepchand Jain
Aillak Diksha : 23 Feb, 1996
Aillak Diksha Place: Devendranagar(Panna),M.P.
Muni Diksha 14 Dec ,1998
Muni Diksha Guru Aacharya Shri 108 Viragsagar Ji Maharaj
Muni Diksha Place : VarasurJi near Bhind, M.P.
Website : http://muniviharshsagar.com

All these events brought a great change towards his vision of life and nobody had even thought that this naughty child would become one of the most worshipped and greatest jain saint .Guruji is spreading essence of his great spiritual ideas through pravachans .Everyone can easily understand the munishri pravachans whether he is a jain or non jain .The credit of changing the lives of many goes to munishri ,he has inspired and taught us the way to lead a peaceful life with a motto of "Jiyo aur Jeena do"
In bhramchari days of his journey towards becoming a Digamber jain saint ,he was favourite of all. He had a great passion towards Adhyatama .He had a strong aim to achieve panch mahavrat in his life.All the devotees in his bhramcharya days used to call him as chaye(Tea) wala bhaiyaji. Just before becoming elak (the next step toward becoming a jain saint ) he along with other bhramchari bhaiyas toured shikarji.
He then placed his steps in Elak state .Elaks are those who used to wear a single piece of cloth (Langothi) around their waist .During his elak days the devotees used to spend their maximum time with him since he used to attend and listen everyone with great humility. This down to earth personality makes him favourite of all.

Aacharya Shri 108 Virag Sagar Ji Maharaj