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Nandishwar Dweep
Thirteen Dweeps are:
1. Jambudweep,
2. Dhatki Khand Dweep,
3. Pushkarvar Dweep,
4. Varunivar Dweep,
5. Ksheervar Dweep,
6. Ghritvar Dweep,
7. Kshaudravar Dweep,
8. Nandishwar Dweep,
9. Arunvar Dweep,
10. Arunabhas Dweep,
11. Kundalvar Dweep,
12. Shankhvar Dweep
13. Ruchakvar Dweep
The Tirth where gods and goddess of heaven and king Indra come again and again to worship Parmatama, when Tirthankar Kalyanak is celebrated. The place where god & goddess enjoy and sing the importance of Tirth is Nandishwar dweep.
This Tirth is outside Dweep (First Jambudweep, around that is Lavan sea, secondly Ghatki khand dweep and around that is Kalo dadhi sea, Pushkarwar dweep & sea, fourthly Varunivar Dweep & sea , fifth is Ksheer Dweep & sea, sixth is Druth dweep sea, seventh is Ekshu Dweep sea and eightth is Nandishwar Dweep.
Around Seventh Ksheer (Valyakare) Nandishwar dweep is 16384 Lakh yojan wide. Over there are Padmavar vedikao forest, khands, big valleys,rivers etc. There is one one Aanjan giri mountain in the centre of this Dweep.
To the east is Dev Raman, south is Nityadyoth, west is Swyam prabh and to the north is area named Aanjangiri .
On the center top of this mountain is Siddhatan (shri Jin bhavan). It is 100 yojan long, 50 yojan in breadth,72 yojan tall.
To the center of this Mandir there is 16 yojan long 8 yojan tall Mani Pathika, On its top is stoned Dev Chhandak Ghabhara. Around this is Utsedh fingered 500 Bow size in height sitting in Padmasan position 27-27 Jin idols.
In total there are 108 Idols. In front of each idol there are two two yaksh Nagh-Bhoot and Kund Dhari over Idol and on two sides Chamar Dhari and on backside there is one Chatra Dhari Dev’s idols.
Other than this, in front of Shri Jin Bhavan is one Mukh Mandap. In front of all these Mukh Mandap there is a very beautiful Preksha Mandap.
In front of Preksha Mandap there is Mani Pithika. On top of it there is a very beautiful wite coloured Chaitya stoop(statue).
On the four sides of this stoop there are one one Mani Pithika. And on that Uthsedh fingered 500 Bow sized padmaasan postured stones embedded idol of Shri Rushabhadev facing towards the east of this stoop.
To the south is Shri Vardhman, west is Shri Chandranan and north is Varisen, named Jin idol. Inside Jin Bhavan there are 108 Idols. And on the four sides of the 4 stoops there are 4-4 idols, so in total there are 108 + 16 = 124 Jin idols. Saudharmendra celebrates on the eastern side of Aanjan Giri. On the south is Chamrendra, in the west Balindra and in the north Eshanendra celebrate.

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