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Panch mean -five and Kalyanak mean -for the betterment of all living beings.Panch mean -five and Kalyanak mean -for the betterment of all living beings.

Garbha-Kalyanak or Inception ceremony:

  • Six months before the inception & during the nine months of pregnancy Indra Kuber showers precious jewels in the city.
  • Saudharm Indra assembles his cabinet & celebrates the joyous day.
  • Eight young girls celebrate the day with the mother with music & dances.
  • Garbha Kalyanak Pooja is done during the day.
  • Mother witnesses 16 dreams this night.
  • In the evening King’s (father) cabinet assembles, the king explains the meaning of all her dreams.
  • 56 young girls present the mother with the gifts through joyous dances.

Janma Kalyanak: Birth ceremony:

  • Saudharm Indra celebrates the birth by making three circles of celebration hall.
  • The Birth is celebrated with songs & dances.
  • Sachi Indrani brings the child from the mother & enjoys the presence of child Bhagwan with dances.
  • Saudharm Indra wants to have the child desperately, once Sachi Indrani gives him the child, he enjoys the aura with his thousand eyes & still remains unsatisfied.
  • Saudharm Indra takes the newborn Bhagwan to Mount Meru on Aravat elephant in a large procession.
  • At Mount Meru the Bhagwan’s Abhishek is done with 1008 Kalash
  • Janma Kalyanak Pooja is done during the day.
  • Saudharm Indra celebrates the joyous occasion with Taandav dance to honor Tirthankar’s birth.
  • In the evening everyone enjoys the opportunity of swinging the child God in a magnificent swing created by heavenly Gods.
  • Child God’s birth is celebrated for the spiritual fulfillment, as this is His last birth.

Diksha Kalyanak: Renunciation ceremony :

  • In the King’s assembly the young prince declares his intention of renouncing the worldly life and the parents accept this decision with joy.
  • Lokantik angles praise the renunciation thoughts of the prince.
  • Procession of the prince to jungle.
  • Discussion between Indras & Kings as to who has the right to carry the Palaki (coach).
  • Process of Aahardaan (first meal after Diksha).
  • Diksha Kalyanak Pooja is performing during the day.
  • Behind the closed doors special processes are done to the statue.

Keval Gyan Kalyanak: Omniscience celebration:

  • Celebration of Keval Gyan by all, with music & dances.
  • Creation of Samosaran by heavenly Indra.
  • Divya- Dhawni (sermons) and questions by Gandhar’s.
  • Keval Gyan Kalyanak Pooja.

Moksh Kalyanak: Celebration of liberation:

  • Evaporation of physical body in presence of heavenly Indra Agnikumar.
  • Nirvan Kalyanak Pooja.

पञ्च कल्याणक

Source :Amulya pravchan By Aaryika Chandnamati Maata Ji