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When householders become detached from the worldly aspects of life and get the desire for spiritual uplift (and not worldly uplift), they give up their worldly lives and become sadhus (monk) or sadhvis (nun). A male person is called sadhu, and a female person is called sadhvi. At the time of Deeksha, the sadhu or sadhvi voluntarily accepts to obey following five major vows for the rest of his/her life: 1. Commitment of Total Ahimsa (non-violence)-not to commit any type of violence. 2. Commitment of Total Satya (truth)-not to indulge in any type of lie or falsehood. 3. Commitment of Total Asteya (non-stealing)-not to take anything unless it is given. 4. Commitment of Total Brahmacharya (celibacy)-not to indulge in any sensual activities 5. Commitment of Total Aparigraha (non-possessiveness)-not to acquire more than what is needed to maintain day to day life.
28 Mulgun :

साधु परमेष्ठी

विषय कषाय और आरम्भ- परिग्रह से रहित , ज्ञान, ध्यान, ताप में लीन, मोक्ष साधक ,शांत , निस्प्रही और इन्द्रिय विजयी मुनि को साधु परमेष्ठी कहते है ।