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Whenever Tirthankars want to give "Deshna", Devatas (demi-gods) would make this samavsharan in moment. It has four doors for entering and made of different metals including gold. Basically, the Samavsharan is a divine arena created by demi-gods, where all living beings may sit in close proximity and listen to the Divyadhwani (divine wordless sermon) of the Tirthankars. Presence at a Samavsharan does not guarantee Moksh, but that is where extremely meritorious souls get the opportunity to listen to the Tirthankars speak. Tirthankar sits facing east and devatas put "pratikati (duplicate)" of Tirthankar in rest of three directions, so anybody sits anywhere in samavsharan feels like Tirthankar is facing him. As you can see in photograph, everybody is free to listen the teaching of tirthankar in samavsharan, whether they are demi-goids, animals or human beings. Devatas make a large tree called Ashok Vriksha, under which tirthankar would sit. Everybody understands teachings in their own language irrespective of language used by Tirthankar. Devatas also amplify the sound, so that everybody, however far, could listen.
The "Atishays" or extraordinery qualities attatched with tirthankars are :
(1) Tirthankar's blood has white colour instead of red.
(2) Nobody can see private parts of Tirthankars, even if they are naked.
(3) They have Abhamandal (very bright circle) behind their heads (Normal Kevalis also have abhamandal)
(4) When Tirthankar walks, gold lotus automatically appears in front of him, so that he doesn't have to put his foot on soil. as he moves forward, gold lotus behind him disappears automatically.
(5) In the region of 2 "yojan" (a unit of distance) diameter surrounding Tirthankar, no natural calmality or disaster happens and also no war happens. Also season in this area becomes very pleasant- no excess of heat or cold.
(6) Whenever he passes near any tree, tree bends down to pay respect to him
(7) Whenever he wants to give his teachings, demi-gods immediately make samavsharan.

Source :Amulya pravchan By Aaryika Chandnamati Maata Ji